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8 Signs of Infection After Breast Surgery

Breast surgery, whether it’s for cosmetic enhancement or medical reasons, is a significant procedure that requires proper care and attention during the recovery process. While complications are relatively rare, one potential concern is the risk of infection. Infections after breast surgery can delay healing and result in serious complications if left untreated. In this blog post, we will be discussing the eight key signs of infection after breast surgery and what you should do if you notice any of these symptoms.

Persistent Pain and Swelling

Some degree of pain and swelling is normal after breast surgery, but if you notice that these symptoms persist or worsen after the initial recovery period, it could be a sign of infection. Infections can cause localized inflammation, making the surgical site more tender and swollen than expected.

Redness and Warmth

If you observe increased redness and warmth around the surgical area, it may indicate an infection. This is due to the body’s immune response to the infection, leading to increased blood flow to the affected area. Keep an eye out for any changes in skin color or temperature.


A fever is a common sign of infection in the body. If your body temperature exceeds 100.4°F (38°C), it’s essential to contact your surgeon immediately. Fever is a clear indicator that your body is fighting off an infection, and prompt medical attention is necessary.

Pus or Unusual Discharge

Any discharge from the surgical incision site should be clear or slightly bloody during the early stages of recovery. However, if you notice pus, a foul odor, or a sudden increase in discharge, it may signal an infection. Do not hesitate to contact your surgeon if you observe these changes.

Increased Pain

While some discomfort is expected after breast surgery, a sudden and significant increase in pain can be a warning sign of infection. If you find that your pain becomes more severe rather than improving as expected, consult your healthcare provider promptly.

Worsening Fatigue

Feeling tired during the initial recovery phase is normal, but if your fatigue worsens instead of improving, it might be due to an infection. Infections can tax your body’s energy resources as it fights off the invading pathogens.

Changes in Surgical Site Appearance

Pay close attention to the appearance of your surgical site. If you notice any new or unusual developments such as open wounds, blisters, or the separation of sutures, it could be indicative of an infection. Proper wound care is essential to prevent complications.

Unusual Odor

An unpleasant or foul odor coming from the surgical area may be a sign of infection. Infections can produce distinct smells due to the presence of bacteria or other pathogens. If you detect an unusual odor, seek medical attention promptly.

What to Do If You Suspect an Infection

If you experience one or more of these signs of infection after breast surgery, it’s crucial not to ignore them. Timely intervention is essential to prevent the infection from spreading and causing more severe complications. Here’s what you should do:


  1. Contact Your Surgeon: Reach out to your surgeon or healthcare provider as soon as you notice any concerning symptoms. They can assess your condition and recommend the appropriate course of action.
  2. Follow Medical Advice: Listen to your healthcare provider’s instructions carefully. They may prescribe antibiotics or other treatments to manage the infection.
  3. Maintain Good Hygiene: Keep the surgical site clean and follow proper wound care instructions to prevent further complications.
  4. Rest and Stay Hydrated: Resting and staying hydrated will help your body recover more efficiently and fight off the infection.


Infections after breast surgery are rare, but it’s crucial to be vigilant and aware of the signs. By recognizing the early warning signs of infection and seeking prompt medical attention, you can help ensure a smoother and safer recovery process. Remember that GLOJAS experts and the healthcare team are here to support you throughout your recovery journey, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns. Your health and well-being are our top priorities during this time!


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