Are there Risks in Otoplasty?

Are there Risks in Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, more commonly known as ear surgery is a surgical procedure to rectify any abnormalities of the ear. This procedure is generally performed on children who are above 4 years of age; however, adults can also undergo the procedure to correct any deformity caused by accidents or other causes.

Recently, GLOJAS has become the hub of surgical procedures, and ear surgery in GLOJAS is one of the many surgeries sought by patients. This surgery helps correct deformities, which can be the cause of social anxiety. The child becomes vulnerable to teasing, which can lead to the child being insecure when they grow up.

It is common for children to be born with drooping ears, large earlobes, missing cartilage of ears, or small ears. Otoplasty is a quick procedure and comes at a reasonable cost. With the help of the surgery, you can rectify the natural flaw of the child allowing them to lead a life with confidence.

Risks Involved in the Ear Surgery

As ear surgery is a surgical procedure, there are risks involved similar to any other surgery. With Otoplasty in GLOJAS, the common complications observed with the patients include bleeding and infection.

However, this is not prevalent and often observed in one hundred cases. The pain after the surgery is also bearable; you should experience mild to moderate pain after the surgery.

After the surgery, the surgeon will advise painkillers, if there is any need. They will also prescribe antibiotics to prevent any infection on the ear. In case you experience fever, excessive bleeding, and suffer trauma at the surgical site, you should immediately contact the doctor.

Recovery from the Surgical Procedure 

 After you are discharged from the clinic, you will have a dressing on the ear.

The doctor will provide you with a do’s and don’ts for the next week or two after the procedure including how to handle the dressing.

Generally, most patients are advised by the surgeon to wear the dressing for one week after the surgery, but this may vary slightly depending on the extent of the surgical procedure and the doctor will provide the exact instruction.

 You should consult an all-star clinic like GLOJAS for the best instructions.

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