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How Long Does Breast Lift Take?

Breast lift surgery makes your breasts fuller, firmer, and more attractive. The problem of asymmetrical breasts is quite common and it causes different types of issues for women all over the world. Similar problems are also faced by women who have droopy breasts. Usually, women with small, asymmetrical, or drooping breasts have low self-esteem and no confidence. However, with breast lift surgery you can change the scenario and face the world more confidently.

A lot of women who are willing to choose a breast lift procedure typically want to know how much time will take by the surgery to complete. Generally, the cosmetic clinic where the surgery is supposed to be done will ask you to arrive earlier than the scheduled time for the treatment. This is done to complete the necessary paperwork in advance and the cosmetic clinic will also ensure that everything is properly working.

On top of that, the cosmetic surgeon can also carry out some last-minute assessments ahead of the operation. This should be taken into consideration while determining the time required for the surgery. The time taken to complete these steps and actual surgery are different. So, you should consider all the steps while deciding on the surgery.

After the breast lift surgery is completed, you need to spend at least an hour in the cosmetic clinic under observation. If you’re willing to find the exact time taken to complete the surgery, then you should know that the time varies from patient to patient and generally takes between 1 to 3 hours to complete. 

The difference in the time for the breast lift surgery depends on the incisions made and the amount of sagging or drooping that has to be sorted out. Based on the volume of sagging or drooping the breasts have become, the cosmetic surgeon will take out more skin from the areola and then make sutures. Apart from that, the size and weight of the breasts also affect the duration of the actual breast lift surgery.

It is necessary to take into account that gravity is the reason for making your breasts droopy and saggy. This is the main reason that the surgeon will apply disposable sutures to remove pressure on the visible sutures. By doing so, the visible sutures will not be damaged, the recovery will be sooner and fewer scars will be visible on the body.   Another important thing you must consider is the qualification and certification of the surgeon. It is quite important to choose the best cosmetic surgeon who can deliver excellent results for breast lift surgery like at GLOJAS Clinic.

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