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Is Body Contouring possible after pregnancy?

The term body contouring is generally assumed to mean changing of the physical shape through surgical procedures. However, the progress of medical science has made the contouring process less invasive than traditional plastic surgery.


Non-surgical advance allows for the transformation of body shape and size without cutting the skin. Body contouring without surgery is being increasingly preferred to liposuction and plastic surgery across the world.

This procedure can help you to dramatically improve your appearance. It is usually the next step after excessive weight reduction or bariatric surgery. When you lose weight quickly your skin cannot return to the new size as quickly resulting in extra skin is areas such as the abdomen, upper arms, thighs and breasts. Sometimes your skin is not elastic enough due to the aging process, which can lead to permanent skin flaps.

Body Contouring After Pregnancy

Pregnancy may be a life-changing flip for a lady. throughout maternity, once the birth of the kid, and breastfeeding, a woman’s body undergoes some important physical changes. It leaves stretch marks on the stomach, stretched muscles of the wall, stubborn fat pockets, ventral or omphalocele, and loose skin. Moreover, the mother suffers from poor posture and back pain because of weakened abdominal muscles.


Such changes with the strain of raising and comforting a newborn usually bring plenty of stress and anxiety. it should cause lower shallowness also. Hence, ladies consider body contouring to live through the trauma. However, it’s a sound question if body contouring once pregnancy is an honest plan or not.


Whatever the condition is, well-experienced plastic surgery at GLOJAS provides the most effective and sensible recommendation in keeping with the candidate’s demand. Additionally, the expert workers make a specialty of providing knowledgeable services in numerous areas like liposuction, tummy tuck, arm lift, fatty tissue removal and overall body sculpting and contouring in GLOJAS.

When do you have to choose body contouring once pregnant?

During the primary year of maternity, the woman’s body is beneath the healing method. The female internal reproductive organ retrieves back to its natural size, the broken tissues heal, and therefore the skin retracts. whereas your body is already healing, body sculpting at now isn’t a suggested apply. Once you’re feeling that your body is average once more, you ought to solely rely on wanting body contouring in the city. Following other reasons for the decision.


  1. Loose skin naturally shrinks. However, skin shrinkage is troublesome for ladies United Nations agency went for multiple pregnancies because of poor skin neglectfulness. Still, it’s suggested to let the skin set before thinking about body contouring once maternity.
  2. Weight maintenance is crucial for body sculpting. Once you lose the baby weight and maintain a stable weight, you’ll be able to choose a reconstructive surgery to get rid of the surplus skin that sags once weight loss.
  3. Women ought to consider body contouring only after they are certain that they are not arranging for an additional maternity within the future any longer.

When you have selected body contouring once maternity, GLOJAS is your destination for the best-suited body sculpting services.

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