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Why do I Have Double Eyelid on One Eye?

The human body is a remarkable canvas of uniqueness, where every individual’s features exhibit distinct variations that contribute to their identity. One such intriguing phenomenon is the presence of a double eyelid on just one eye. While double eyelids are a common trait in many individuals, the occurrence of this feature on only one eye sparks curiosity and raises questions about the underlying reasons. Without further delay, let’s find out why do some people have double eyelid on one eye!

Genetic Predisposition

Genetics play a pivotal role in determining our physical characteristics, from the color of our eyes to the shape of our nose. The presence of double eyelids, which are characterized by a crease above the eyelid, is largely influenced by genetics. In some cases, the genes responsible for eyelid creasing might be more dominant on one side of the family tree, leading to the development of a double eyelid on only one eye.

Asymmetrical Development

During embryonic development, the human body undergoes a series of complex processes that can occasionally result in asymmetrical features. This might explain why an individual might have a double eyelid on just one eye. Factors such as unequal pressure during fetal development or variations in the migration of certain tissues can lead to dissimilarities in eyelid creasing.

Muscular Contractions and Habits

The formation of double eyelids is also influenced by the muscles surrounding the eyes. The levator palpebrae superioris muscle is responsible for lifting the upper eyelid. It is possible that variations in the development, strength, or tension of this muscle on one side of the face could contribute to the presence of a double eyelid on only one eye. Additionally, habitual activities like rubbing or touching one eye more frequently than the other could potentially influence the development of a crease.

Injury or Trauma

Physical trauma or injury to the eyelid area can also lead to the development of a double eyelid on one eye. Scar tissue formation during the healing process might result in an altered eyelid structure. This can occasionally manifest as a double eyelid on the affected eye, differentiating it from the other eye.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, wind, and other elements could potentially impact the skin’s elasticity and texture. These factors might contribute to the development of a double eyelid on one eye over time. Additionally, differences in skincare routines, makeup application, or even sleeping positions could also influence the formation of eyelid creases.


The presence of a double eyelid on just one eye is a fascinating example of the intricate interplay between genetics, development, and individual uniqueness. While scientific explanations offer insights into the potential reasons for this phenomenon, it’s essential to recognize that each individual is a product of numerous complex factors. As science continues to uncover the mysteries of human genetics and development, we gain a deeper understanding of the remarkable diversity that makes each of us truly one-of-a-kind. So, if you find yourself sporting a double eyelid on just one eye, embrace the curiosity it sparks and the story it tells about your own distinctive journey.


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