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Why Do Teens Prefer Plastic Surgery?

The leading invasive surgical treatments among teenagers tend to remain the same in the past decade as well as the number of teens prefer plastic surgery.


Ear Surgery to correct ears that stick out. 

Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty to reshape the nose. 

Liposuction to remove fatty deposits for young women. 

Breast Augmentation for teen girls who feel their breasts will always be too small. 

Breast Reduction to get rid of saggy breasts in men. 

Acne scarring

With teen bullying on the rise due to social media and the increase of selfies, image is important to teens. The shape of their ears now needs to be acceptable to their peers. Go over all your options and seek an expert nose surgeon who performs nose revisions and has good reviews like at GLOJAS.

Although the body is not fully developed teenagers, particularly females, have been choosing to augment their breasts. With more mal nutritious food and a sedentary lifestyle, teenagers are gaining more fat, so they have been electing various liposuction procedures.

There’s been more food and drinks, such as soy milk, that may be contributing to increased levels of estrogen possibly causing enlarged breasts. As a result, they choose to have a breast reduction procedure. Acne and the consequential scars for some teens drive them to get treatment to remove scars and gain more self-confidence.


Teens opt for plastic surgery for a number of reasons. Many people cite one common reason which is that young people can be very cruel, whether it be intentional or not.

To illustrate, someone passes you in the hall to a class and blurts out to their friend, “Wow, did you see that guy’s nose?” without ever considering the pain it may cause. A constant heckling of one’s appearance they were born with often makes the teen seek help to correct a physical defect according to their peers, i.e. a surgical procedure.

 Ultimately the choice to do any procedure for a teen should be consulted with an unbiased intelligent adult over 18 years of age.

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