Are Myths About Root Canal True?

Are Myths About Root Canal True?

Be it an assumption or a phobia, when baseless information travels through enough ears, it only takes that much time for it to become a baseless common belief. This baseless belief is a myth which potentially damages the integrity and trustworthiness of the subject it takes on. The modern medical treatments have been a major target of such myths which are spread due to lack of awareness and availability of information to debunk them. 

Here, we are focusing on one of the most advanced dentistry treatments which have advanced to a point where its benefits are almost unbelievable, which is the modern endodontic treatment, or as commonly known, the root canal treatment. For ages, people have perceived root canal treatment as a complex and major medical procedure which involves a lot of needles, drilling, suction and blood loss. And what one imagines after being subjected to such baseless information is always more exaggerated and scarier than the truth. Which is why it becomes more important to inform patients about exactly what will be happening during and after the treatment to dispel their negative thoughts. 

A root canal is a common treatment which benefits thousands of patients every day and we believe a few pointless misleading myths shouldn’t keep you from availing them. So here are most of the commonly believed myths about the root canal and the research-based truth behind them. 

Myth, Root canals cause severe and long-lasting pain. Fact, Use of anesthetics has evolved greatly and you’ll benefit the most from it during your root canal treatment today. The abscess and infection in the root canal that causes severe pain are promptly subdued with modern root canal treatment. These misconceptions roots back a century when anesthesia was used for dental treatments which are not the case today. So fear not, all you’ll feel is minuscule pain which subdue in the next few days of the treatment. 

Myth, Root canal treatments are the most expensive. The cost of your root canal treatment depends on the complexity and severity of work that the dentist has to perform on your problem. Also, the treatment fee varies greatly amongst dentists based on their experience and tools. So it boils down to your personal choice where youd like to get treated and although it might not be cheap, thinking that it will be crazy expensive is an exaggerated misconception. 

Myth, Root canal treatment may lead to cancer. This is another unproven false theory spreading over the internet. Modern root canal treatments sterilize and remove all bacteria and other dead tissue altogether from the infected tooth and seal it away. It is a clinically proven fact that root canal treatments do not lead to or increase any chances of cancerous development at all. 

Myth, Root canals cause prolonged (or even lifetime) tooth sensitivity. Root canals only cause some swelling and bearable pain immediately after the treatment which will subside by the next week itself. Apart from which there is no sensitivity or pain caused by this treatment. However, if you do feel pain after a few days, it might be due to some other reason like a second concealed root canal or a hidden problem that your dentist can easily help you with. This happens rarely and should not cause any panic as simply revisiting your dentist will solve the problem. 

If you still are in a dilemma of whether you should opt for this treatment or not, just talk to GLOJAS Dentist who can honestly solve all of your doubts. 

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