Are You Taking Good Care Of Dental/ Oral Health?

To keep our body fit and healthy, we follow a strict diet, perform yoga, and exercise regularly. But what do you do to keep your teeth and gums healthy? Dental health is equally important for your overall well-being. Surprisingly, most of the diseases and health conditions get triggered due to poor oral hygiene. Irregular brushing, excess alcohol, smoking, and delay in regular dental check-ups slowly result in tooth cavities. 


Cavities lead to tooth decay, and if left untreated, it weakens the gum tissues and eventually causes severe health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and oral cancer. It’s high time to level-up the game because your oral health needs extra care to provide an attractive, healthy smile. 


A healthy diet. Just like your body, your teeth need good, nutritious food to keep going throughout the day. Dentists of GLOJAS encourage people to follow this dental strategy. Eat less sugar and sugary items. Excess sugar increases bacterial buildup in the mouth and weakens the tooth enamel. Add more vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and pulses in your regular food routine. Drink plenty of water to wash off the harmful bacteria and detoxify your entire system.


Alcohol, smoking, and tobacco usage is not only bad for your lungs but also oral health. According to the reports, 50% of smokers have some kind of dental problem. Smoking tobacco also leads to life-threatening diseases such as cancer in the cheeks, lips, and mouth linings.


Keep changing your toothbrush. Toothbrush helps to remove plaque buildup on the tooth surface. However, the bristles wear off over time, resulting in improper cleaning on your teeth. As per expert suggestion, replace your toothbrush every 1-2 months for a significant result. Also, change your toothbrush after you recover from flu, cold, or mouth infection.


Not many people know how to floss healthily, but flossing is the best solution to remove bacteria, acid, and plaque from your mouth. You can seek help from our dental experts, and they shall teach you the right way of flossing. The benefits of flossing are numerous. It helps prevent critical health diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, tartar buildup, and halitosis.


Do not wait for the toothache to motivate you for a dental appointment. Seek regular dental check-ups every six months to prevent diseases for a lifetime. For more updates on dental treatments and solutions, you can get in touch with our GLOJAS Dental. 

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