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Healthy Teeth Diet For a Better Smile

Healthy Teeth Start With Healthy Habits

What you choose to eat and the quantity you choose to eat affect the overall health of your body. It also directly affects your oral health, that is teeth, gums and mouth. Eating a variety of nutrient rich foods from all the food groups promotes healthy teeth and gum. A balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins, calcium rich foods and whole grain constitute a balanced diet and promote good dental and overall health.


Your teeth need nutrients to stay strong, white and cavity free. The important nutrients for your teeth include Calcium, it promotes strong teeth and bones. It is found in dairy products and fish. Phosphorus is also good for strong teeth, it is found in eggs, dairy, nuts, beans, lean meat and fish. Not only do they provide essential nutrients they are also good for teeth as they require a lot of chewing, which is good for teeth. Water and saliva help wash sugars and acids off teeth.

Magic of Water

Water is a magic drink that can solve most of your health problems. It is a natural cavity fighter, it is also good for your body and it is free. So hydrate! The kids know it as much as the adults, you need to limit your sugar intake. All sugary drinks and snacks promote tooth decay. When sugar comes in contact with plaque it produces acid that attacks your enamel and thus weakens your teeth. Constant snacking also exposes your teeth to sugars and acids which endanger your enamel. So reduce the frequency of snacks and try to switch to healthier versions like vegetables.

Teeth Staining

Teeth staining beverages like tea, coffee and red wine may be the cause of dullness in your smile. These have intense color pigments, chromogens that stick to the enamel of teeth causing pigmentation. Smoking or using tobacco doesn’t just stain your teeth, it compromises your complete oral health. It causes gum diseases that can lead to oral cancer and tooth loss.


In addition to healthy eating, good oral health requires oral hygiene. These include brushing your teeth thoroughly two times a day and visiting for regular dental check-ups at GLOJAS Dental. We ensure to keep your smile pearly white.


 We suggest that you get a consultation with one of GLOJAS Doctors who are experts in their field to identify the right Dental treatment your teeth need to achieve your goals.

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