How To Recover From Root Canal Treatment?

Tooth decay and cavities are painful. Dental experts recommend Root canal treatment for patients whose cavities can no longer get treated with other alternative options. A root canal treatment preserves your natural teeth, gums, and tissues with damage removed and cavities sealed. 


Before signing up for root canal treatment, make sure you consult with the dentist to understand every aspect of root canal treatment, including the recovery process. A healthy recovery will ensure that the treatment results last longer and preserve your natural smile. Here are a few things you should keep in mind for a speedy recovery from root canal treatment 


Pay attention to your mouth. It’s evident that you may experience swelling and pain post-treatment after the anesthesia effects wear off. Avoid eating or drinking anything if the numbness persists, as you may end up biting or chewing too hard. Use an ice pack to manage the swelling, and while sleeping, alleviate your head with an extra pillow to avoid gum irritation. 


Pay attention to your crowns After completing the root canal treatment, the dentist will insert a crown on top of the tooth to ease the discomfort. This crown is temporary until the permanent crown is prepared. However, if the temporary crown is causing pain, irritation, bleeding, or swelling, chances are that the treated region has developed an infection. 


Eat mindfully While healing from root canal treatment, stick to a liquid diet more often. The diet should include more fresh juices, milkshakes, soups, bread, mashed potatoes, and well-cooked food. Quit smoking for a few days until you recover completely. Take care. You won’t feel a lot of pain or discomfort during the healing process. However, it is advised to pay close attention to your body and how you feel internally. The swelling and pain will be relieved after 1-2 days. In case the pain lasts longer, immediately contact GLOJAS Dental. 


Take a few days off from the gym and avoid doing heavy exercises that may require clenching your jaw muscles. You can also ask for suggestions from your gym trainer, exercises that can speed up the recovery process. Take a rest. Resting is an excellent means to recover your body from treatment, surgeries, and ailments. When we fall asleep, our body gets activated to heal and repair any damaged part of it. 


Dental experts at GLOJAS suggest patients never skip their dental appointments so that the dentist can closely monitor their dental health and address any discomfort that occurs later. For more updates on dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry, you can get in touch with our GLOJAS Dental Clinic today. 

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