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Signs and Symptoms of Root Canal: How to Recognize

A Dental Root Canal Treatment is a procedure that not only saves your tooth, it also preserves it. It is performed when the pulp, veins, and nerves inside your tooth have been harmed. This harm can originate from a split tooth, decay or hole in the tooth, repeated dental treatment, or injury. 

The signs to look out for Severe toothache when biting. Painful, increased sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures A constant or repeating white, yellow, or red pimple on the gums Discoloration of the tooth Swelling and pain in the adjacent gum. 

What You Can Expect During The Treatment?

  1. Local anesthesia to numb the tooth.
  2. An opening is made through the highest point of the tooth
  3. The pulp is expelled from the canals and the area is cleaned with medicines
  4. The canals are loaded up with a rubbery material that helps keep the canals free of disease or contamination.
  5. The tooth is fixed until the point that a crown can be given.

Is Root Canal Painful?

Not really. With numbing agents and recent advances, today single sitting RCT causes no more discomfort than a regular filling. On the off chance that you do experience pain after your treatment, it typically ceases 12 to 24 hours after. Keep your head raised while dozing for the first couple of evenings and take whatever pain prescription that your dental practitioner suggests. 

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

Most root canals will take a few visits to finish, depending upon the decay. One appointment can take somewhere in the range of 30 minutes to an hour and a half for each visit. Load your phone with an engaging audiobook or some nice music and time will fly! We do our best to make you pain-free and get you out and about at the earliest! So don’t wait dont give in to your apprehensions of a root canal and give your teeth a fair chance!

How Safe Root Canal Treatment Is During Pregnancy?

Getting Root canal treatment during pregnancy is entirely safe. It does not pose a severe threat to you or your little one. However, it is mandatory to know about the possible risks involved in the treatment. A reputable dentist will make you understand every aspect of this treatment and clarify all your doubts before starting the procedure. They tell you the effects of anesthesia, X-rays, and other chemicals. So, you will be worry-free and feel comfortable during the treatment. 


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