What is Invisalign treatment?

It is safe to assume that your smile is probably one of the first things people notice about you.A smile can bring about a whiff of positivity in the air and create a vibrant atmosphere. However, due to whatever reason, if your smile is affected, you should try to address the problem at the earliest. 

Alignment of your Teeth

Technological advancements and progress in the dental space have paved the way for advanced orthodontic treatments that enhance your smile. One such solution that has gained significant popularity in the past few years is the Invisalign treatment wherein the alignment of your teeth is corrected. 


However, individuals are often skeptical before opting for orthodontic treatment. If you are looking to improve your smile, you can begin by booking an FREE appointment with GLOJAS Dental. As one of the leading dental clinics for Invisalign treatment, we provide the most reliable and result-oriented treatments to our patients. 

A glowing and vibrant smile

The Invisalign treatment is an advanced dental treatment that is developed to address minor to major teeth straightening problems. In this treatment, removable and clear aligners are used to attain the desired alignment of the teeth. In an Invisalign treatment, transparent aligners that comfortably fit over the teeth are used to correct the alignment of the teeth. Post a thorough checkup, our experts will provide you with a thorough understanding of the treatment and recommend tailor-made aligners for you. These aligners play a key role in correcting the alignment. During the course of the treatment, our experts will closely track the progress and ensure if the treatment is working or not. 

Invisalign Duration

The duration of the treatment will primarily depend on the extent to which your teeth are misaligned. If the alignment is complex, it will take a greater amount of time to heal. However, typically, it could take anything between 12-24 months for the results to actually come forward. However, if you had braces at an earlier stage in life, the results are likely to show up within a short period of time. Unlike the different aligners, Invisalign is developed from flexible plastic that is comfortable to wear. Most importantly, these aligners can be easily restructured to ensure it matches with your gum line, a top factor why this treatment has garnered noteworthy recognition worldwide. 


GLOJAS is one of the leading dental clinics for Invisalign treatment. Our team consists of highly trained and accomplished dental experts with vast and diverse experience. Our unique and client-specific approach has enabled us to establish ourselves as one of the best dental clinics in Malaysia. If you are facing issues with your smile, schedule an appointment with us today! 

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