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Do I Have to Buzz My Hair Before My Hair Transplant?

If you’re considering a hair transplant, you might have come across conflicting advice about whether to shave your hair before the procedure. While some clinics recommend it, others may not, leaving you uncertain about what to do. So, the real question is: Do you really need to buzz your hair before a hair transplant? We’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of buzzing your hair and discuss how it may impact the outcome of your hair restoration surgery. Keep reading!

Improved Visibility and Precision

Buzzing your hair before a hair transplant can provide the surgeon with better visibility of the scalp. With shorter hair, the doctor can precisely identify the recipient and donor areas, which is especially crucial for SMART Follicular Unit Excision (SMART FUE) procedures, a technique only available at GLOJAS. By having a clearer view, the surgeon can minimize the risk of damaging existing hair follicles and ensure the transplanted grafts are placed with precision.

Reduced Infection Risk

Another advantage of buzzing your hair is that it can reduce the risk of infection during the transplant process. Shorter hair allows for easier cleaning and maintenance of the treated area post-surgery. This lowers the chances of any debris or dirt getting trapped in longer hair, decreasing the risk of infections and promoting faster healing.

Psychological Preparedness

Some individuals prefer buzzing their hair before a transplant to mentally prepare themselves for the transformation. It can be a way of embracing change and approaching the procedure with confidence. Moreover, shorter hair during the recovery phase may help patients feel less self-conscious about the healing process.

Disguising Donor Area

On the other hand, not buzzing your hair before a transplant has its benefits too. Longer hair can conceal the donor area where hair follicles are harvested, making any post-surgery scabbing or redness less conspicuous. This can be particularly advantageous for patients who wish to keep their surgery discreet, as they can resume normal activities without drawing unwanted attention.

Hiding Anxiety

For some, the thought of buzzing their hair before surgery can be anxiety-inducing. Longer hair can act as a security blanket, providing a level of emotional comfort during a time of uncertainty. Although a skilled surgeon can work around longer hair, the choice to keep it long might make the patient feel more at ease leading up to and after the procedure.

Expert Opinion: What Do Surgeons Say?

It’s important to consult your hair transplant surgeon regarding the best approach for you. Every patient is unique, and what works for one person may not be suitable for another. Reputable hair restoration clinics consider various factors before making a recommendation, including the extent of hair loss, the method of transplantation, and the overall hair characteristics.

FUE Procedures

For those undergoing FUE, where individual hair follicles are extracted and transplanted, buzzing the hair is usually recommended. The procedure requires precision, and shorter hair can facilitate the surgeon’s task, ensuring the grafts are positioned correctly.

FUT Procedures

In Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), a strip of hair is harvested from the donor area. Here, buzzing the hair is not mandatory, as the surgeon can remove the strip without interference from the hair’s length. However, some clinics still suggest buzzing to ensure proper post-operative care and to reduce scabbing in the donor area.

Long Hair Option

For individuals who are hesitant to buzz their hair, many experienced surgeons can perform successful hair transplants without requiring a buzz cut. Advanced techniques and technology allow them to work around longer hair, ensuring excellent results while respecting patient preferences.


In conclusion, the decision to buzz your hair before a hair transplant ultimately depends on several factors, including the method of transplantation, the surgeon’s recommendation, and your personal preferences. Buzzing your hair can offer better visibility and precision during the procedure, reduce infection risk, and prepare you mentally for the transformation. On the other hand, not buzzing can hide the donor area and provide emotional comfort.


To make the best choice for your hair transplant journey, schedule a consultation with a trusted and experienced hair transplant surgeon. Remember that each person’s hair restoration journey is unique, and the goal is to achieve natural-looking results that align with your individual needs and desires.


At Glojas, we welcome clients to reach out to us directly to schedule a free initial consultation. We offer guidance and valuable insights on how best to address your specific challenges. Let us assist you in navigating your journey with confidence and clarity.

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