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SMART™ Medication Protocol

Professor Dato’ Dr. JasG has developed the SMART™ Medication Protocol specifically to address hair loss concerns. This innovative formula is designed to promote new hair growth and maintain a healthy scalp. By leveraging his expertise, Professor Dato’ Dr. JasG has crafted a unique medication protocol that offers promising results for individuals experiencing hair loss.

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Types of Hair Loss

The two main types of hair loss are male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss. Understanding the distinctions between these types can help in identifying the right treatment approach.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

male pattern hair loss

Male pattern hair loss, scientifically known as androgenetic alopecia, is a condition stemming from a combination of hormones and genetic predisposition. Male pattern baldness happens when there are changes in hormone levels, particularly androgens, which affect the hair growth cycle and lead to the miniaturization of hair follicles.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

female pattern hair loss

Female pattern hair loss affects around 40% of women above the age of 50 and is caused by a strong genetic predisposition. Unlike male pattern baldness, female pattern hair loss typically manifests as a general thinning of the hair across the scalp, rather than a receding hairline or bald spots.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can result from various factors, including:




Hormonal Changes




Poor nutrition

Medical conditions


Physical or emotional stress

What Are The Benefits Of SMART™ Medication Protocol?

The SMART™ Medication Protocol presents a multifaceted approach to addressing hair loss, offering numerous benefits to individuals seeking effective treatment. Firstly, it stimulates the growth of new hair while simultaneously maintaining scalp health, ensuring a conducive environment for optimal hair regrowth.What sets this protocol apart is its customization, tailoring treatment plans to suit each patient's unique hair loss patterns and needs.

By integrating various medications, the protocol addresses multiple factors contributing to hair loss, providing a comprehensive solution. This synergy enhances treatment efficacy, maximizing results for patients.

Under the guidance of Professor Dato’ Dr. JasG and his team, patients receive expert care, benefitting from specialized knowledge and experience in hair loss treatment. Ultimately, the SMART™ Medication Protocol not only aims to improve hair health but also restores confidence and well-being in individuals grappling with hair loss.

Your Go-to Hair Loss Restoration Treatment in Malaysia

Receding hair is a common concern that causes many individuals to feel self-conscious and lose confidence. GLOJAS Clinic aims to help you regain that confidence by providing effective hair loss restoration treatments in Malaysia that can stimulate hair regrowth and improve hair density.

At GLOJAS Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of hair regrowth treatments designed to cater to your specific hair needs., oral medications, hair regrowth sprays, and several other innovative solutions. These treatments are meticulously formulated to address the root causes of hair loss, whether they stem from genetics, hormonal imbalances, or other contributing factors. Our goal is to provide you with a personalized treatment plan that promotes healthy hair growth and restores your self-assurance.

Oral Medication

Oral medication for hair loss involves taking nutrients and supplements that are absorbed through the bloodstream to nourish hair follicles on the scalp. These medications are formulated with essential nutrients that help reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth, and promote hair regeneration. Additionally, they help hair retain moisture, which acts as a shield to protect against hair breakage. By targeting the hair follicles from within, these oral medications support overall hair health and contribute to a fuller, more resilient head of hair.

Why Choose GLOJAS Clinic?

Registered Aesthetic Clinic with Qualified Doctors

GLOJAS Clinic is an LCP-certified, registered aesthetic clinic. All our doctors are highly qualified and experienced, ensuring that you receive the best care possible.

Advanced Treatment Methods

At GLOJAS Clinic, we utilize popular and proven treatment methods. With extensive experience in the aesthetic industry, we've adapted the most effective treatment techniques to our Malaysian clinics.

Private Treatment Rooms

Our clinic offers individual private rooms, allowing patients to enjoy their own space and privacy during treatments.

Skilled Doctors and Team

Our team of doctors and staff have undergone extensive training and possess significant experience in performing various procedures, ensuring the highest quality of care.

Strategic Locations

GLOJAS Clinic is conveniently located, making it accessible for patients seeking top-notch aesthetic and hair restoration treatments.

Invest in yourself and regain your confidence with a professional SMART™ Medication Protocol at GLOJAS Clinic. To learn more about our hair loss treatments in Malaysia and to get a personalized cost estimation, visit us for a detailed consultation. Our team is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you achieve the natural-looking, full head of hair you’ve been dreaming of.

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