Glojas Clinic provides a full spectrum of dental care services from general family dentistry to root canal therapy, veneers, reconstructive and cosmetic treatments along with orthodontics services. Our experts are equipped with cutting-edge technology and training, and are committed to providing patients with exceptional service and comprehensive care.

dental crown

When too much of the original tooth is missing, such as after root canal treatment, dental crowns can be used to cover the broken or decayed tooth. They are also used to prevent a weak tooth from breaking, to cover stained or irregularly shaped teeth, and to secure a bridge or denture.

the advantages of dental crown

Benefits of Dental Crown are such as:

Your newly crowned tooth may be sensitive for a few days after the procedure as the anaesthesia wears off. If the crowned tooth still has a nerve, you may experience some heat and cold sensitivity. However, once you get used to it, the sensation will fade.

A few days are usually required for recovery after the placement of a dental crown. Following the procedure, patients may experience some inflammation, sensitivity, and irritation, which should subside within a week or two. Warm salt water rinses a few times a day are advised to help reduce gum swelling.

dental veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells that are custom-made to fit over the front surfaces of your teeth. They hide cracks, chips, stains, and other cosmetic flaws. Veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures.

the advantages of dental veneers

Dental veneers is beneficial due to the fact that:

Unfortunately, removing the enamel can make your teeth more sensitive. You may experience this when eating hot or cold food. Medicines and treatments prescribed by Glojas doctors can help prevent sensitivity issues.

The adjustment period for dental veneers lasts about two weeks. During this brief period of adjustment, these problems will gradually improve. Most patients should be fine with their porcelain veneers in place after two weeks.

ceramic restoration

Ceramic restorations are porcelain dental materials that are used to restore your teeth where fillings are ineffective. They’re extremely strong and durable, and they look exactly like real teeth, so no one will notice anything unusual about your teeth except that you have a fantastic smile.

the advantages of ceramic restoration

Benefits of ceramic restoration include:

There is no downtime after receiving a ceramic restoration, only mild tenderness in the treated area, so you can resume your normal activities immediately.

tooth coloured restoration

Tooth Colored Restoration invovles filling a tooth with a strong chemically-bonded material that matches the colour of your teeth. This natural-looking white filling is nearly invisible and can be up to 95% as strong as your natural healthy teeth.

the advantage of tooth coloured restoration

Some benefits of Tooth Coloured Restoration include:

Some people may experience sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures in the newly filled tooth for a few days to a week.

After having one cavity filled, a person can immediately resume normal activities. Although, someone who has four dental implants placed, on the other hand, may require a couple of days off to recover.

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