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MEDIKINE™ Exosome Therapy

Exosome therapy falls under the category of regenerative medicine. Your exosomes will communicate new, healing messages to your cells after receiving exosome therapy. This causes your cells to instruct your body to heal itself via its own regenerative process.

What are the benefits of Exosome Therapy​?

The benefits of Exosome Therapy include :

This natural musculoskeletal treatment is less dangerous than taking over-the-counter medication to mask joint pain.

You are free to resume your normal activities. Osteoarthritis knee treatment and other joint pain treatments have no downtime or recovery period. However, it is advisable to avoid intense workouts and strenuous activity at least 24 to 48 hours and wait for three to four weeks before resuming physical activites.

Mesenchymal Cell Therapy

Mesenchymal cell therapy restores function to damaged body parts by using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). This treatment alleviates arthritis and other joint pain, stiffness, and mobility issues. This type of stem cell therapy for arthritis promotes cell growth, wound healing, and the replacement of cells lost due to the daily wear and tear of the affected joints.

What are the benefits of Mesenchymal Cell Therapy​?

Some of the advantages of Mesenchymal Cell therapy are such as :

This treatment is extremely safe and poses no health risks. This is due to the fact that bone marrow stem cells are obtained from your body or healthy donors. Infection at the injection site is the most common but rare side effect.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy does not require any downtime. Although stem cell treatment sessions are generally painless and worry-free, we recommend that you have someone send you and pick you up after the visit.

SMART™ Platelet-rich Plasma for Knee

Platelet-Rich Plasma injection therapy is a type of regenerative injection therapy that uses our own blood’s healing abilities to boost the natural growth of our skin tissues. When patients’ own platelets are injected into damaged tissue, PRP promotes healing. The procedure rejuvenates the skin and reduces skin laxity.

What are the benefits of Mesenchymal Cell Therapy​?

PRP injection helps to :

Because this treatment is administered via injection, there is a low risk of infection and blood vessel injury. Bleeding may occur but rarely.

Following PRP injection, most patients can resume their normal activities. This is due to the fact that this treatment is intended to promote healing or growth. Your skin should become noticeably firmer and smoother after a few weeks of PRP treatments, with further improvements expected in the months that follow.

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