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SYNCHORT™ Keloid Injection

Keloid laser, also known as the Vascular Laser, removes keloid by emitting high light energy to the appropriate skin layer and destroying the fibrosis collagen fibres. By doing so, we can gradually reduce the size of the keloids and prevent them from growing. The keloid scar laser is an excellent keloid treatment. To flatten it, it is best to combine laser treatment with keloid injection.

What Are The Benefits Of Keloid Freezing Therapy?

Keloid freezing therapy can be beneficial for people with the following skin injudries:

Some discomfort may persist for the next 8-12 hours. Nonetheless, the pain can be relieved with a local anaesthetic or pain relievers such as acetaminophen. It all depends on a person’s pain tolerance.

Redness, swelling, and blister formation are possible side effects of cryotherapy keloid scar treatment, but they should go away within 48 hours.

You will recover almost immediately from the procedure. Because stitches are not required, you can resume normal activities the same day as the keloid scar treatment.

Fractional Laser for Keloid

Injections of Kenacort (triamcinolone acetonic) are commonly used to treat keloids. It is a painless procedure because a local anaesthetic (lidocaine) is mixed into the injection to numb the skin. Keloids are pathological scars that appear as nodular firm lesions that spread beyond the site of the injury.

What Are The Benefits Of Keloid Scar Treatment?

Injections of triamcinolone can help with:

It may cause some skin redness, scabbing, or swelling, but this is a minor side effect that should go away after a few days.

Keloid scar removal does not require any downtime. After the injection, patients can immediately resume their normal activities.

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