Glojas Clinic provides a full spectrum of dental care services from general family dentistry to root canal therapy, veneers, reconstructive and cosmetic treatments along with orthodontics services. Our experts are equipped with cutting-edge technology and training, and are committed to providing patients with exceptional service and comprehensive care.

Flexible dentures

The base of flexible dentures is soft and clear, allowing your natural gums to show through. They are made of a high-tech thermoplastic material and do not require any attachments or clips to keep them in place, resulting in a more comfortable and flexible denture.

the advantages of flexible dentures

Some of the benefits of flexible dentures are such as:

The material used in flexible partial dentures is susceptible to bacterial growth. Bacterial growth is encouraged by the soft and flexible material. As a result, it is critical to practise good oral hygiene and brush your partial dentures every day. Failure to do so may result in gingivitis and gum disease.

chrome alloy dentures

Chrome dentures, also known as metal dentures, are made of a cobalt, chrome, and chromium alloy cast into a framework or base that supports acrylic gums and teeth. When people need a partial denture, the first option they usually consider is an all acrylic partial denture.

the advantages of chrome alloy dentures

Some of the benefits of chrome alloy dentures are such as:

acrylic dentures

Acrylic dentures are dentures made of a plastic-like material. It is an easily moldable material, making it a good candidate for dentures, which require changes over time. Acrylic is a popular material for partial and full dentures.

the advantages of acrylic dentures

Some of the benefits of flexible dentures are such as:

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