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hair transplant

Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 Laser treatments rejuvenate skin by creating controlled thermal damage columns, promoting healing and a refreshed complexion. These lasers target the epidermis to reduce pigmentation and stimulate collagen in the dermis for a revitalized look

What are the benefits of Fractional CO2 Laser​?

Complications are extremely rare. However, some minor side effects may occur. Following the treatment, swelling, redness, and crusting are to be expected. However, this will subside in 2-3 days.

There will be downtime for three to seven days. The treated area will appear red, peeling, and scaly. During your downtime, to reduce the chances of complications, avoid sunlight or use sunscreen to protect your skin from sun exposure.

SMART™ Microneedling

Dermarollers are skin devices that create micro pathways in the skin that allow products to absorb and penetrate. Dermaroller aims to stimulate collagen production in the skin in order to refresh the top layers of skin. It also promotes the growth of new skin cells, which can form new tissue layers.

What are the benefits of SMART™ Microneedling​?

Because of the rapid closure of the microscopic channels in the skin, infection is unlikely, but you may experience some redness and tingling. However, it will be completely gone in about a day.

Dermaroller has the least amount of downtime, compared to other treatments. For general anti-aging, a minimum of three treatments spaced six weeks apart is recommended, or five treatments for acne scars or general scarring.


What are the benefits of SMART™ VEX?

Benefits of GloSMART include :

You should expect some redness and microtears in your skin after the procedure, as with any other micro-needling treatment. This is normal and will appear 12 to 24 hours after the procedure.

No downtime is required for GloSMART. However, you may experience flaky and red skin for 1 to 2 days, but you should be able to continue with your daily routine.

Q-Switch Nd (YAG Laser)

The Q-Switch Nd: YAG laser can assist you in achieving fair skin. The laser helps to remove unwanted skin cells on the surface by emitting high energy light towards the desired area to be treated. This allows for the formation of a new layer of skin to replace the old one, which is smoother, lighter in tone, and healthier than the previous layer.

What are the benefits of Q-Switch Nd (YAG Laser)​?

This Q-Switch Nd: YAG Laser treatment is relatively quick and painless, with little to no downtime.

This treatment requires no downtime, and you can resume your daily activities immediately following your session. Your skin, however, may become slightly red, but this is only temporary and should fade within 30 minutes.

Advanced Anti-Aging Treatment

Advanced Anti-Aging Treatment has the ability to identify and repair problems in the body. When cells receive a signal from the inflammed area, aged and also damaged cells, they will move to the area and start doing repairing work during this process, cells will be differentiated into cells that are required to repair the damaged tissues and organs.

What are the benefits of Advanced Anti-Aging Treatment?

There are no known complications or side effects with Advanced Anti-Aging Treatment. However there is a slim possibility for certain individuals where an infection can occur. Patients may also experience tiredness and discomfort at the target areas.

The recovery period for a stem cell procedure is very short, 5-7 days. In most cases, patients can continue  their daily routine in 24 hours but is advised not to perform strenuous activities within the recover period

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hair transplant

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hair transplant

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