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FAQs About Acne Scar Problem

Acne scar problem is quite common among teenagers and adults as well. Acne scars appear due to various reasons and most of us have little idea about them. You should visit the best cosmetic surgeon like at GLOJAS who can offer excellent acne scar treatment. Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

  • Only Teenagers Are Affected By Acne?  The answer will be a big No. Its true that people are affected by this problem when they reach teenage, but some carry the problem even when they become adults. In some rare cases even newborn babies have acne. Most of the people usually outgrow this problem, but some females have to deal with the problem until their menopause begins. 


What Can Turn The Situation Worse? Scrubbing the skin hard. Blemishes are squeezed or picked. Extreme humidity levels and high pollution. Extreme rubbing of the skin which causes friction. Stress caused by tight clothing, heavy backpacks and helmets. Hormone levels change in females 2 to 5 days before their menstrual period starts.

Humidity And Sweating Makes Acne Worse? It is true that humidity and sweating have the power to make the acne problem even worse. The problem becomes bigger because of the hydration and swelling of the blockages, which is caused by extreme humidity and sweating. The inflammatory phase of acne can get started due to these developments.

Can Some Medicines Have Adverse Effects On Acne? The answer will be yes, there are many medicines available in the market which if consumed without consulting the best cosmetic surgeon then the problem of acne can increase sharply. However, in case a medicine prescribed by a doctor is having adverse effects on your skin, then consult the doctor immediately.

When Should I Stop Taking Medicines? Never stop consuming prescribed medicines on your own, also never start consuming any medicine without consulting an expert doctor. You must talk to your doctor in detail before making any changes. If you stop taking medicines or change the amount of dose, the acne might pop up again.

When Should I Wash My Skin? At least twice every day, you should wash your skin by using soap or face wash. When the skin becomes dry completely, you should apply the prescribed acne treatment cream.

Who Should I Consult For Acne Scar Treatment ? If you fail to visit an expert doctor then your acne problem might increase. Consult for FREE with the best cosmetic surgeon at GLOJAS who will assimilate your condition and help you to get rid of the problem significantly. 

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