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Gynecomastia in Malaysia: Excellence in Treatment and Care

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Are you dealing with the “man boobs” problem? Are you seeking a way to make your appearance resemble your ideal body? You have come to the right place to learn about the unusual size of men’s breast tissue, which creates low self-confidence and discomfort. You know what? Malaysia’s leading gynecomastia surgeons and latest medical facilities have the solution to your problem.

Understanding Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is not only a term for cosmetic solutions, but it also relates to health issues too. This condition affects males, causing the enlargement of breast tissue. However, the condition not only affects elderly males but also occurs at any age and has various causes. Basically, gynecomastia refers to excessive fat tissues in the male breast area that makes you look more feminine. Sometimes, it only happens to one side of the breast area which causes discomfort and several health issues too.




So, what causes gynecomastia? It is caused by several conditions, but the primary reason is an imbalance in the hormonal level among males. This condition causes the male estrogen level to increase and, at the same time, decrease the testosterone level. There are also other conditions that cause gynecomastia, which are medications and genetics.

Treatments for Gynecomastia


Liposuction surgery is taking out the excess fat from the breast area. This technique makes small incisions into the breast area that allow thin tubes (cannula) to break and suck out the excess fat cells.



Mastectomy technique to be used depends on how far the gynecomastia has gone. There is subcutaneous mastectomy, whereby a surgeon makes a small incision to take out tissue, or an open mastectomy procedure that would require bigger cuts and repositioning of the nipple-area if necessary. People who have a large glandular tissue, mastectomy is the best solution.

Why Choose Malaysia for Gynecomastia Treatment?

  1. Facilities: Malaysia having the latest technology and modern medical facilities. This ensures the safety of the surgery and the simplified procedure.
  2. Affordability: Unlike other countries like Western, Malaysia’s rhinoplasty surgery procedures are way more affordable without compromising the quality. As mentioned, Malaysia has the same medical equipment as other countries.
  3. Diverse Options: Malaysia not only provides rhinoplasty surgeries, but also other aesthetic procedures like liposuction, breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures too.

Malaysia’s Best Plastic Surgeons

The best plastic surgeons in Malaysia with board-certified qualification including gynecomastia treatment.

Dr. Muya

Dr. Siti Muyassarah Rusli, a board certified plastic surgeon including fellowships in Vienna, Gent, and Barcelona offers a wide range of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.


Dr. Mohd Ali

Dr.Mohd Ali has more than 20 years of experience as the top plastic and craniofacial specialist. He holds a full accreditation from The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) as a surgeon and is a registered doctor by The Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

Gynecomastia Treatment Clinic in Malaysia

Glojas Aesthetic Clinic stands out as a leading center for gynecomastia treatment in Malaysia. With a team of experts and a commitment to safety and results, Glojas has become synonymous with successful outcomes and patient satisfaction.


For those considering gynecomastia treatment, Malaysia offers an attractive combination of expert surgeons, advanced medical facilities, comprehensive care, and affordability. With renowned surgeons like Dr. Muya and Dr. Mohd Ali, and leading clinics like Glojas, patients can expect the best possible care and outcomes.


Last but not least, people who are looking to reshape their noses to their desired look or enhance the function of their nose, rhinoplasty surgery in Malaysia always has a solution. GLOJAS offers a trusted solution for you to get FREE consultation by the specialists Dr. Muya and Dr. Ali. Feel free to enquire about the surgery they provide.


Table of Contents


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