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What Does Breast Lift Do?

Do you have boobs which are pendulous in shape with normal volume?


Breast lift surgery is one of the most popular breast surgeries the women opt for. With help of this surgery, you can lift your boobs permanently removing the looseness. 

Is there no stuff inside your boobs or in other words, your breasts lack stiffness?


Women who have extra large boobs and face problems related to bigger sized boobs can undergo this cosmetic surgical procedure to lift their boobs surgically, making them fuller and stiffer. 

Are the nipples or areola in a downwards position, specifically beneath the boobs?  


Many women are often unhappy with the volume of their breast, so in such scenarios breast augmentation surgery can be done in a combination with breast lift surgery. This helps to increase the size of the boobs and by lifting the shape of boobs is also improved. To find whether you need to have the boobs lifting surgery or not, you need to figure out at least one of the things discussed below:-

How will the scar from the surgery look? 


The shape of the scar is like an anchor commonly and its near the areola going downwards. Generally, just like any other cosmetic surgical procedure the scar diminishes or fades away with time.

When will I start feeling the nipples?


 Every case of cosmetic surgery is different, but within 6 weeks the nipple feeling is restored. Initially the nipples might be hyper sensitive, however full feeling might not be regained in many cases.

When can I pick up heavy things or my children?


 After 6 weeks from the surgery, you can pick up heavy things and your children.

What garment Should I wear? 


Post breast lift surgery, you need to wear a specially designed sports bra for up to 6 weeks.


To know more about Breast Augmentation Surgery, you can contact GLOJAS and consult for FREE with our doctor for more details.

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