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Flawless Skin Secrets: Proven Acne Prevention Tips for a Clear Complexion

Hot and humid conditions are common in Malaysia. These types of conditions are known for helping in the growth of acne and other skin problems. You need to follow different types of acne prevention tips to make sure that your skin stays flawless even in the humid weather.


KL is famous for lots of tourist spots, amazing nightlife, and never say die attitude! However, KL is also notoriously famous for its hot and humid weather. One of the leading causes of acne and other skin diseases. Acne affects more than 75% of teenagers and many adults as well. Most adults suffer from emotional trauma because of the scars that were left behind by the acne in their teenage years. If you live in KL, which is famous for its humid weather, and are worried about getting acne, then you can choose different skincare and lifestyle changes that may help you to keep pimples away. 

Wash Your Face

  • You must make a habit of washing your skin after you sweat, especially after exposure to hot and muggy conditions. This evacuates the oil and dirt particles that may have amassed on your sweat-soaked skin. Wash with an alcohol free, non-abrasive skin wash and flush it away with warm water. A bit of warm water helps to open your pores, but you need to stay away from too hot water as it might strip the moisture from your skin.

Expel the Oil

Hot and moist natural conditions are known for acting as a catalyst in the production of oil in your skin’s pores, which thus can intensify skin conditions and incite acne. You can prevent the excess amount of oil by simply using salicylic corrosive or benzoyl peroxide, two regular fixings in prescribed anti acne medications. Both of these chemicals are known for helping in natural dry up of the oil caused by the dampness, while additionally treating the real acne causing bacteria from the skin.

Refrain Yourself From Touching

  • Excessive touching just spreads any present oil and dirt, and can add microbes to your skin that will just exacerbate your skin acne. Rather, during high humidity, blot your skin with a soft and clean tissue. You can likewise utilize an oil-absorbing, skin-blotting tissue paper, which you can buy from cosmetic stores. These additionally absorbent things help to expel the oil and sweat out of your skin for a more attractive look. Remember, excessively touching your acne might result in acne scar. If you already have scars because of acne, then you can get acne scar treatment for flawless and youthful skin.

Forget About The T-Zone·

  • Amid high humid circumstances, skip applying cream/moisturizer to the oily regions of your face, also called the T-zone. This by and large covers your nose and the forehead over your eyebrows. For remaining skin, utilize an oil-free lotion that won’t obstruct your pores or create acne.

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