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Is Dimple Creation Permanent?

Dimples, the cheeky little indentations that grace the cheeks when we smile, have long been considered a charming facial feature. Many individuals find dimples to be endearing and a symbol of youthfulness. As a result, some people opt for a cosmetic procedure known as “dimple creation” to acquire this sought-after feature. But the burning question remains: Is dimple creation permanent? Let’s dive deeper into the topic and uncover the facts.

What is Dimple Creation?

Dimple creation, also referred to as dimpleplasty, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure designed to mimic the appearance of natural dimples. During the procedure, a small incision is made inside the cheek, and a suture is anchored to the underside of the skin. When the muscle contracts, it creates a dimple-like effect on the surface. While this technique can certainly provide the illusion of natural dimples, it’s essential to examine its permanence thoroughly.

Dimple Creation for a Permanent Result

The question of whether dimple creation is permanent often depends on various factors, including the individual’s genetics, the skill of the surgeon, and post-operative care. While some sources suggest that dimple creation can be permanent, others emphasize that the outcome might evolve over time.


  1. Genetics: One crucial aspect to consider is an individual’s genetic makeup. Natural dimples are often inherited traits that result from a specific configuration of facial muscles and skin. Since dimple creation relies on altering these structures, the outcome may be influenced by how closely the procedure mimics the natural formation of dimples.
  2. Surgeon’s Skill: The expertise of the surgeon performing the dimple creation procedure plays a significant role in its permanence. A skilled surgeon will carefully assess the patient’s facial anatomy, muscle structure, and other factors to create dimples that are well-suited to the individual’s face. A poorly executed procedure might result in an unnatural appearance or reduced longevity.
  3. Post-Operative Care: Proper aftercare is crucial for achieving the best possible results and enhancing the longevity of the dimples. Patients are typically advised to follow a specific care routine, which may include gentle cleaning, avoiding certain foods, and refraining from excessive facial movements during the initial healing period. Adhering to these guidelines can contribute to the lasting effect of the dimpleplasty.
  4. Evolution Over Time: Like any surgical procedure, the outcomes of dimple creation can evolve as the body heals and changes over the years. Factors such as aging, weight fluctuations, and shifts in facial muscle tone could potentially impact the appearance of the dimples. While the dimples might not be as pronounced as they were immediately after the procedure, they might still retain a noticeable presence.

Dimple creation indeed offers individuals the opportunity to embrace a unique and charming facial feature that is admired by many. While the question of its permanence might not have a straightforward answer, the longevity of dimple creation is influenced by a combination of genetic factors, the surgeon’s skill, and diligent post-operative care. As with any cosmetic procedure, individuals considering dimpleplasty should conduct thorough research, consult with GLOJAS experts and have realistic expectations about the potential outcomes. Whether permanent or subject to change over time, dimples created through this procedure can undoubtedly add an alluring touch to one’s smile and overall appearance.


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