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Makeup Mistakes

Common Beauty and Makeup Mistakes Women Should Steer Clear Of

Men and women alike cringe at grooming and makeup mistakes. As the holidays approach and you plan for parties, it’s a great time to learn some beauty tips to look gorgeous for your partner. Here are some beauty and makeup mistakes women should avoid:


Overload of Fragrance

Wearing different fragrances can be lovely, but too much can be overwhelming. Ask your partner what type and amount of fragrance they prefer.


Built-Up Base

Layering foundations, lotions, moisturizers, and concealers can look unnatural. Stick to a light foundation and use concealer only where needed for a more natural look.


Extreme Makeup On Eyelashes

Avoid clumpy and flaky mascara. Opt for a few false eyelashes on the outer corners to make your eyes look wide and sexy without appearing overdone.


Yellow-Tinged Teeth

Who wishes to kiss somebody who has yellow or gray teeth? The answer is No one! Whitening toothpaste can quickly improve the appearance of your teeth, making your smile more attractive.


Sticky Lip Gloss

While shopping, you’ll find that there are lip glosses that offer a gorgeous sheen and moisturize the skin, and then there are those lip glosses that are so sticky they could be used as glue. Choose a non-sticky lip gloss for a kissable look. A quality lip gloss should provide shine and moisture without feeling sticky.


A Bad Shave

We all have hair on different parts of our body like hands, legs and bikini area. Remember, men are usually turned-off by a hairy body. Many women use shaving creams and sticks to get rid of unwanted hair on their body. Shaving can be a temporary solution for unwanted hair. Consider laser hair removal for a more permanent solution.


Dry Skin

There might be nothing less attractive than dry legs, ugly elbows, and dried out body.  Keep your skin hydrated with body cream or lotion after showering to avoid dry and unattractive skin.


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